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Quite a few years ago, I was engaged in a conversation with a colleague about something pertaining to men and women. I don’t remember the precise topic. It was some aspect of feminism, or sexuality, or a gender issue, or something along those lines. I do remember, however, that I was accused of being an “essentialist”, a word I was not then familiar with in the context of gender. Since then we have all learned what it means: an essentialist believes that women and men have fixed attributes, abilities, and behaviors, which are intrinsic to being a man or a woman.


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Over the past few years, as technology, the corporate mindset, and social media have struck blow after blow against notions of modesty and privacy, along with courtesy and a sense of shame, we have seen a new kind of ‘apology’ rear its ugly head.
In this week’s parsha, Pekudei, we complete the book of Exodus. We also complete the construction of the Mishkan, the portable Tabernacle used by the Israelites in the desert.
In Parshat Vayakhel, we see once again the juxtaposition of the commandment to build the Tabernacle and to also keep the Sabbath. The Rabbis understood the connection between these two commandments in a number of ways.

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One of the most important mitzvoth in the Torah is called the מת מצוה (met mitzvah) – a deceased person whom it is a commandment to bury.

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