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Last week, in parshat Toldot, we learned about the struggle between Yaakov and Esav. This week, in Va’yetze, Yaakov opts out of the conflict and, fearing Esav’s anger, departs for his family’s earlier home, Haran. In Toldot, Yaakov’s dealings with Esav were remarkably transactional, and somewhat underhanded: he purchased the birthright from him when he was very hungry for a bowl of soup, and then stole their father’s blessing.


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One of the conversations which has been set into motion by the murders in Pittsburgh, and which, in fact, has been going on one way or another since the horror show of Trump’s presidency began (and also, even earlier, in connection with one’s opinions about Israel), has been the question of bringing politics into religion, or religion into politics.
The other day, a rocket fired from Gaza hit a house in Beersheva. It was a direct hit; the house was damaged extensively.  Luckily, the mother of the family heard the alarm – in her sleep – and quickly woke up and grabbed her three children and got them down into the house’s bomb shelter, closing the door to the shelter just in time.
Famously, Bereshit has two different creation stories, one after the other. In the first, the creation of man is embedded towards the end of six full days of divine activity; he is part of the entire creation, integrated into a narrative about bringing the heaven and earth and all that is in them into existence.

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Pesach: Being a Nation - It Ain't Easy

The gap between Israel and Diaspora Jewry seems to be growing daily. Bibi blames the African migrant problem on the New Israel Fund.

Jewish Life Cycle

One of the most important mitzvoth in the Torah is called the מת מצוה (met mitzvah) – a deceased person whom it is a commandment to bury.

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