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לא, אל תגיד לי מה אתה חושב,

תגיד לי מה אתה מרגיש

No, don’t tell me what you think,

Tell me what you feel

Alon Olearchik, from his song, Tell me What you Feel

The parsha of Yitro, which contains the giving of the Ten Commandments, begins with an interesting story which serves as a preface to those commandments.


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As the Trump fiasco goes on, with new outrages every day, I find myself constantly wondering: How did those people vote for this buffoon? Do they not now see what a mistake they have made? Do they really want this ignorant, bullying, petty, proto-fascist to be our president?
An interesting dynamic has emerged in the ongoing Halacha Wars. The more conservative, oppressive, establishment team (the bad guys) has been trying to undo decisions made by religious courts which are not to their liking.
Well, the massacre in Aleppo is reaching its final bloody stages, and we all sit around doing basically nothing. The butchery of the past five years in Syria, performed by Assad and his Russian, Lebanese, and Iranian accomplices, has apparently claimed close to half a million lives, and the number is rising.

Jewish Holidays

Hanukkah: Greek, or Jewish? Who are we Really?

On Hanukkah, one of the conversations that often takes place is the “today, are we more like the Maccabees, or more like the Hellenists?” one.

Jewish Life Cycle

One of the most important mitzvoth in the Torah is called the מת מצוה (met mitzvah) – a deceased person whom it is a commandment to bury.

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